Acheive in steps

With anxiety it’s very easy to see each hurdle as a massive elephant sat in the middle of the road. To get past the elephant first we have to drive to it, get out of the car, say hello, get to know it and then finally it will move and we can pass. When we see it as a huge obstacle what we want to do instead is drive around it and that’s trespassing. Ok I got a bit carried away with the elephant analogy but what I’m saying is that if we break it down into steps then we see it as more manageable and therefore we don’t trespass (avoid it).

Let’s take a real life situation and break it down because I doubt that any of you are going to see an elephant sat in the middle of a road and even if you do I bet asking it to move won’t really work.



Worry: I’m really worried about going into science 5th lesson.

Breaking it down: 

  1. Go into school,
  2. Go to all your other lessons that you aren’t worried about,
  3. Maybe go and talk to someone about your worries,
  4. Walk to the door,
  5. Go through the door, (notice how you really have to pick out every single detail)
  6. Walk to your desk,
  7. Sit down,
  8. Open your book,
  9. Get through 10 seconds,
  10. Get through 1 minuet,
  11. Keep breaking it down into minuets and before you know it the lesson will be over.

If we look at it broken down how much more manageable does it seem? Hopefully a lot.By taking any kind of situation 1 minuet at a time we can quickly realise how quickly and by how much our anxiety it going down.

I really hope you enjoyed this post if you did remember to give it a big like and try and practise this even when you don’t feel anxious so you can get into a bit of routine and then it will feel more natural when you are panicking.

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Win The Worry Wars.



The low thoughts

EDIT: I have got over this period and looking back I can see how it change so quickly. I think I wrote this mid/late January.

At the time of me writing this I have hit a really low low. I feel like I’m stuck in this rut and nothing is ever going to get better. I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I hate school and am trying to avoid it although it’s obviously the law. I haven’t spoken to my friends at school much and seem to be isolating myself because I know if I talk I’ll cry and then it will all come spilling out and I don’t want to have to cope with that at the moment. People keep telling me that it will get better and ‘it’s just a rough patch’ although I don’t believe them. I never do when I feel like this. I’m now starting to realise that maybe this is just one of my low points but even so I don’t see it getting any better. Why can’t I just lay in bed all day on Netflix? Why do I have to push myself through those horrible double doors everyday? I know that I’ll feel rubbish for the next 6 and a half hours. But yet I have to get on with it. A little voice in my head says only a few more years left at school. Maybe I should try and embrace it. Although it feels like a long time now people tell me it will go by in a flash so maybe I should pick myself up, brush myself down and get on with the day. But then a little voice in my head says, what if something goes wrong? What if all my worries are confirmed? Well we’ll just have to take a deep breath, think positive and believe that I can acheive this. I am stronger that I think.

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Win The Worry Wars

Friendships – The bad ones

So first off I’m really sorry I haven’t update for a while I was busy doing other school stuff – But I know that’s not really and excuse. Anyway, I’m back and there will be more chance for me to write as I have a school holiday at the moment :).

I want to talk about friendships – they can be the best things and worst things especially when you are a teenager and going through a tough time. As I’m still at school there’s a lot of people that I don’t necessarily want to be with but have to. Honestly, that’s just horrible and in some circumstances it makes it even worse having anxiety.

So this was like maybe 6 weeks ago but there was a girl that said I was spreading rumours (which I wasn’t). She’s one I never have really got on with and still don’t. She came up to me with all these people that started shouting at me and then they started talking really loudly like I wasn’t there and being REALLY horrible. I started panicking and it really wasn’t nice but I told the person that helps me at school with my anxiety and she got t sorted which was good.

Thorough-out my whole high-school/secondary school experience, there has been a girl that is really annoying she grabs my stuff and shoves it over the other side of the class room. It has been really getting on my nerves recently and then that causes me to worry and it’s not really very nice. To deal with this one I have literally just been ignoring her – not horribly but just when she throws something instead of asking her to stop I just go get and carry on. This has so far been working she’s getting annoyed that I’m not reacting. I will keep this going and let you know how I get on.

Soon I will do the good things about friendships to counteract these anyway I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you next week. Also I think that I have decided to call all of you lovely followers Worry Warriors, and don;t forget to follow this blog to become a Worry Warrior. Let me know if you like it by hitting the like button and sharing it and if there are any friendship things you would like me to cover or any other topics for that matter. Anyway….

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The return of ‘group’

Hi so sorry I didn’t post last week I had a cold and I was off school for a couple of days but the good news is I am back and better now. Today I wanted to talk about the return of ‘group’. Now I know what your thinking ‘What is group?’ well group is something I look forward to every week. It is a counselling session that our school has where about ten students get together we go through work sheets and talk about our experiences.

I really like these groups as it builds friendships with the most unlikely people. I am quite shy and don’t really have that much confidence around new people. In these groups I have made the best friends ever with 6th formers and people in my year group. At first I was skeptical, I didn’t think I was going to like it and was even worrying about it.

It’s not until you go into somewhere like that that you realise there are so many people in the same boat as you. The people that walk around your school all have problems. The people that you least expect to be in that group probably are.

Obviously, the students can’t run this on there own we have the loveliest leader who is the school councillor and she personally helps me and makes everyone feel calm and relaxed.

In group this week we wrote these compliment things where you write a compliment on a piece of paper and then fold it over and pass it along and depending on how many people are in the circle will depend on how many compliments you get.

I really hope this helped you out and maybe you might have something like this where you are if you do tell me by leaving a comment below and leave a like if it helped you. Follow, to be told when I make a new post and if there is something you need advice on just go to the contact me page and I will do my best. Maybe even share this with your group leader and your group they might all get something out of it 🙂 And if there is a topic you would like to see me write about comment it down below and I will do my best to help you.

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Have a laugh

So for this weeks post I thought we should do something funny and give you guys a couple of things to look at when you’re feeling down.

  1. Video chat a friend. We all (hopefully) have that one friend that makes us laugh and luckily mine is constantly on skype so I know I can pretty much talk to her where or whenever I need.
  2. Watch some funny videos. Ask anyone that knows me and they will agree if you can’t find me-I’ll be on youtube. The best thing is that there are so many good videos that are funny and one to suit everyone.
  3. Find/ do a hobby that you enjoy. I’m very much into photography and scrapbooking so anything that relaxes you or that you can do is great.
  4. Look up funny quotes on google images. I love the relatable/teenger posts there will always be one to make you smile.
  5. Read a funny book or watch a funny tv programme/movie.


I know todays post was quite short and sweet but I hope you guys enjoyed.


Win the worry wars.