The town experience

I talked about this a while ago on THIS POST. Basically one day I went into town with my friends and this was an especially good day to blog about because I used A LOT of techniques to calm myself down.

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Going back to school 2

It’s nearly my first day back at school – I’m dreading it!

However I have devised a few things to help me take my mind off of it / help make it a bit easier.

  1. Going to bed at 7:30 . When I say this I mean go up to bed and chill out not go to sleep.
  2. Have a bath before bed. I’m going to have a bath just so I can relax a bit because I know I’ll be stressing out.
  3. Keeping myself busy/ distraction. This is a technique that works wonders for me so I’ll probably work on doing some nice blogging things.
  4. Chocolate. I think this will help and will be really nice to because it gives off some kind of feel good hormone – I think.
  5. Ear seeds – I haven’t worn these for a while but I think I might try these again I do need to find them first though.
  6. Sleep – I don’t know how much I will get but the more the better !
  7. And on the day I know I will be seeing my counsellor .

I hop this helped you guys and that you are finding going back to school a tad easier than me and I promise in the end it will be fine! Even though I can’t get my head round that yet I know in my heart that it will be. Thanks for reading guys I hope you enjoyed it and that you will like and share and do all those lovely things.

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Zone out

So the second day and I’m still uploading. YEEEEEEYY.

Down to business, I want to talk about ‘zoning out’ I often do this for a little bit in the evenings a couple of times a week. Some days I find it easy but other days I find it quite hard.

Different people do it in different ways. My favourite way is listening to music and at the same time writing a post or doing a hobby or going on a walk.

I find this really relaxes me especially if I listen to Shawn Mendes or something similar. (Don’t judge my taste in music – hahahaha)

You could maybe try yoga or swimming to ‘zone out’ as well

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today don’t forget to do all those lovely things below ( liking, following and sharing) and (hopefully) I will see you tomorrow,

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Have a laugh

So for this weeks post I thought we should do something funny and give you guys a couple of things to look at when you’re feeling down.

  1. Video chat a friend. We all (hopefully) have that one friend that makes us laugh and luckily mine is constantly on skype so I know I can pretty much talk to her where or whenever I need.
  2. Watch some funny videos. Ask anyone that knows me and they will agree if you can’t find me-I’ll be on youtube. The best thing is that there are so many good videos that are funny and one to suit everyone.
  3. Find/ do a hobby that you enjoy. I’m very much into photography and scrapbooking so anything that relaxes you or that you can do is great.
  4. Look up funny quotes on google images. I love the relatable/teenger posts there will always be one to make you smile.
  5. Read a funny book or watch a funny tv programme/movie.


I know todays post was quite short and sweet but I hope you guys enjoyed.


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Help someone else

So my slogan if you want to call it that is,” help stop the world worrying”. Basically I want to help other people understand, cope with and beat anxiety so that we can all be happier.

I bet you reading this now has had at least one person help you out with your anxiety. Let’s give something back that actually will help you in return. Next time you see someone standing alone, say hello. Next time you see someone crying, ask what’s wrong. If you know someone with anxiety help them out.

The feeling of you doing good for others will help you feel more happy. You may even want to help out a charity or another good cause.

Why don’t you try helping out the person that’s helped you?

All of this stuff is mood boosters and even distractions for your anxiety.

I hope this has helped. Why not even try telling them about this website (lol). Don’t forget to rate, follow and check out the rest of the site .

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Four tips for morning anxiety

I found this on the internet and thought some of you guys could use this as it is something I get quite bad worrying about the day ahead. Credit to

  1. Attitude adjustment: when I accept my body is just doing its thing and that the uncomfortable feelings will eventually pass, the fear looses its power over me. The night before I tell myself I don’t need to get upset if I wake up with anxiety.
  2. Positive affirmations. Post them everywhere on walls , windows so when I wake up I see it straight  away.
  3. Eat something soon after waking up. It helps with low blood sugar levels. Eating soon after waking up is good for mental health.
  4. Distractions. Play on a game your phone or on a computer. I’ll make good distracting games post soon so follow to sees when I upload that. If you focus on something it will take your mind off your worries.

I hope you guys enjoyed is there are any suggestions for posts please leave them as a comment and I will try my best and do post on your suggestion.


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I don’t know about you but I’m all for inspirational quotes and music as you may have guessed so I thought as a very visual friendly post I would find some quotes and then you can feel a bit more inspired to keep going. This is tough and sometimes you may want to  quit but keep going you can do it.


This is one of my all time favourite quotes










Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed xx

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