Help someone else

So my slogan if you want to call it that is,” help stop the world worrying”. Basically I want to help other people understand, cope with and beat anxiety so that we can all be happier.

I bet you reading this now has had at least one person help you out with your anxiety. Let’s give something back that actually will help you in return. Next time you see someone standing alone, say hello. Next time you see someone crying, ask what’s wrong. If you know someone with anxiety help them out.

The feeling of you doing good for others will help you feel more happy. You may even want to help out a charity or another good cause.

Why don’t you try helping out the person that’s helped you?

All of this stuff is mood boosters and even distractions for your anxiety.

I hope this has helped. Why not even try telling them about this website (lol). Don’t forget to rate, follow and check out the rest of the site .

Thanks for reading

Win The Worry Wars


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