The harder the more rewarding

So I think it’s a well known fact that the harder something is to achieve the more rewarding it is once it’s achieved. I think this is true with anxiety especially when you have a really bad experience and you are able to smash through it. It’s so much more rewarding and satisfying . I also feel that the more work you put in the bigger the reward. Continue reading



Well I have uploaded eery day of the week yey! ( I think I deserve a thumbs up for that 😉 ). So I want to talk about achieving and celebrating today as it it as vital part of anxiety and a part we don’t always fully recognise as much as we should.

So when we achieve something my councillor always says for me to reward myself. I don’t always but once in a while I do and I think that’s very important to do so it keeps you wanting to beat it (anxiety) even more.

This could be as simple as having some chocolate or baking a cake. However, you can take it a bit further with spending a bit more money than you normally would or going somewhere you enjoy. What ever you want to do, do it. Because whatever it was you did wasn’t easy and I bet it worried you so you deserve something nice to treat yourself with!

Anyway, I treated my self by buying something that I wanted because at the weekend I did something that really scared me but after about 20 mins  of being there I really enjoyed my self and I really didn’t worry hardly any at all. BTW: Pitch Perfect 2 is better than the first :).

So I hoped todays post helped you and I will go back to just uploading once a week now because I’m not gonna lie it was very hard ( hats off to you that write every day!) Please like, share and become a worry warrior as it really helps me out. I will see you next Monday.

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

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However big or small your successes make sure you reward yourself for them whether you ask someone to paint your nails for you or go to the next local football match. A good way to keep track of your successes is make a reward chart

The good thing about a chart is that when you’re having a bad day you can think- well look at all those good things I’ve done.

Hope this helped

Win The Worry Wars

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