Friendships – The bad ones

So first off I’m really sorry I haven’t update for a while I was busy doing other school stuff – But I know that’s not really and excuse. Anyway, I’m back and there will be more chance for me to write as I have a school holiday at the moment :).

I want to talk about friendships – they can be the best things and worst things especially when you are a teenager and going through a tough time. As I’m still at school there’s a lot of people that I don’t necessarily want to be with but have to. Honestly, that’s just horrible and in some circumstances it makes it even worse having anxiety.

So this was like maybe 6 weeks ago but there was a girl that said I was spreading rumours (which I wasn’t). She’s one I never have really got on with and still don’t. She came up to me with all these people that started shouting at me and then they started talking really loudly like I wasn’t there and being REALLY horrible. I started panicking and it really wasn’t nice but I told the person that helps me at school with my anxiety and she got t sorted which was good.

Thorough-out my whole high-school/secondary school experience, there has been a girl that is really annoying she grabs my stuff and shoves it over the other side of the class room. It has been really getting on my nerves recently and then that causes me to worry and it’s not really very nice. To deal with this one I have literally just been ignoring her – not horribly but just when she throws something instead of asking her to stop I just go get and carry on. This has so far been working she’s getting annoyed that I’m not reacting. I will keep this going and let you know how I get on.

Soon I will do the good things about friendships to counteract these anyway I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you next week. Also I think that I have decided to call all of you lovely followers Worry Warriors, and don;t forget to follow this blog to become a Worry Warrior. Let me know if you like it by hitting the like button and sharing it and if there are any friendship things you would like me to cover or any other topics for that matter. Anyway….

Thanks for reading Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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