The town experience

I talked about this a while ago on THIS POST. Basically one day I went into town with my friends and this was an especially good day to blog about because I used A LOT of techniques to calm myself down.

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


No I’m not talking about the song – well maybe I am? I’m not sure haha. Basically I’m talking about the message. I think this ties into anxiety very nicely. For me one of the only ways I can get back to being my ‘normal’ self is if by trying all the things I’m scared of again which is obviously scary but each time I get a bit stronger. Continue reading

White lies are ok ?!

As you may have already guessed by the title today I’m going to talk lying. As a kid you are always told that ‘honesty is the best policy’ and the story about the boy who cried wolf. When you have anxiety that rule kind of goes out the window. I’m not saying that you should make up silly lies to benefit you I mean that if it helps you to calm down then tell a little porkie pie (does anyone here like them – I don’t the jelly puts me off).

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Pretty little liars

Now you may of heard of this huge tv show before. If you haven’t it’s kind of a murder mystery show and in my opinion very good hahah. Any way I was watching this on Sunday morning whilst tucked up in bed and suddenly I came across a point that was worth writing about.

It was in season 4 episode 3 I have a clip here: 

If you watch it you’ll see Aria is really nervous about going into his office – I’m not going to explain the backstory or we would be here forever and you only really need to see what’s in the clip to get the anxiety tips from it. She get very nervous and starts panicking about all the bad things that could happen – Her ex boyfriend getting sent to prison but all that really happened was her vice principal giving her a letter.

This happens to me all the time I think everything is going to be a lot worse that it actually is. So next time that you start to think that all these terrible things are going to happen, Stop, watch the clip and then try and rationalise your thoughts.

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Real quick I know it’s been a while I have been away and life has got in the way but I’m back and I think I’ll update every other week but if I can once every other week. I’d rather under-promise and over-deliver.

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The happiest place on earth

So I haven’t been positing for a bit because I have been in Walt Disney World in Florida.

Now for some of you this may make you so nervous you don’t even want to go and that was me last year but this year it is completely the opposite. I was so excited about going, yes I was still a little worried but no a huge amount. The excitement was great because I could use it as a distraction and look forward to it when I was feeling down or anxious.

When you go away you get to escape all those horrible things that you have to go through in everyday life like work and school and you can spend quality time with your family. This can also mean escaping some worries for a few week which is BLISS.

Well anyway I’m back now. WHOOOP WHOOOP. NOT!!!

When you get back it hits you like a ton of bricks. I have to go back to school and put myself back in worrying situations again that on holiday I did’t have to do. This fills me with dread and makes me feel really down.

When I’m in Disney in Florida that truly is my happy place because as well as having a great time that everyone else has I’m also stress free which is AMAZING. I think I had maybe 2 panic attacks the whole 20 nights I was away which is great for me.

Anyway, I am hoping that soon we will return and I can have my few weeks of stress free time and that when I go back to school on Monday it won’t be too bad.

I hop you liked it if you did remember to do all that lovely stuff below and I will speak to you soon.

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