Sailing festival

So near where I live ether is a sailing festival on at the moment and I went down there with my friend and needless to say it was a nerve racking experience. Here’s why I found it hard and a bit about how I dealt with it.

  1. It was packed. There were a lot of people there as people travel from around the world to go there. I found it hard because I felt like I couldn’t find a quiet spot. However there were little patches that it wasn’t terribly busy so I tried to stay round there
  2. I only went with one of my friends. I find it slightly easier if more people go because I feel like if something did go wrong there would be more people to help which sounds weird after the previous one where I said I didn’t like a lot of people. I like them if they are my friends because I know them – I’m not really sure how to explain.
  3. There was loud music. I really hate loud music especially the bas because I hate the feeling I get in my chest and I had to stay around there for a bit and had quite a few panic attacks which was not good.
  4. I had henna. I was really worried about this but I knew if I didn’t get it I’d be annoyed at myself and regret it so I did get it and I’m glad because it looks really cool. I did worry about this for a while after but in the end I realised that I really wan’t allergic and even if I was it wouldn’t do anything too serious to me.

I hope this helped you and you got something from this. Thank you guys so much for all your support and I will see you next week.

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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