You still get those moments.

So on Tuesday after school I had a bit of a mare.

I had several panic attacks about stuff I hadn’t worried about for ages but  I managed to deal with them and it all turned out ok.

So the first thing that happened was something that bothered me so much I just had to do it. As you may or may not know I’m worried about having allergic reactions to things so peanuts has always been a big goal because they are something that is a common allergen. Sometimes I get to a point when I get so annoyed I just have to do something and this was one of those circumstances. There was a packet of peanuts on the kitchen side and I had been avoiding them like ild fire for a few days but in the end I got so annoyed I just went for it. I knew that I wasn’t allergic but I still couldn’t get the thought out of my head I ate one and sat there waiting. I guess I was waiting for an allergic reaction to the peanuts but yo know what? It never came. I knew it wouldn’t but at the same time my anxiety still gave me that seed of doubt.

I also used a new shampoo the other day and pretty much the same thing happened I was waiting for the reaction and this time I also go the symptoms but nothing actually happened. A few months ago I would have had to go and talk to someone but not now and I’m pleased with that.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say today but if you do take a bit of a step back don’t worry because that happens to all of us! I really hope you enjoyed this if you did remember to give it a thumbs up and follow this blog for more anxiety battling tips and I will see you guys next week.

Thanks for reading, worry warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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