Pretty little liars

Now you may of heard of this huge tv show before. If you haven’t it’s kind of a murder mystery show and in my opinion very good hahah. Any way I was watching this on Sunday morning whilst tucked up in bed and suddenly I came across a point that was worth writing about.

It was in season 4 episode 3 I have a clip here: 

If you watch it you’ll see Aria is really nervous about going into his office – I’m not going to explain the backstory or we would be here forever and you only really need to see what’s in the clip to get the anxiety tips from it. She get very nervous and starts panicking about all the bad things that could happen – Her ex boyfriend getting sent to prison but all that really happened was her vice principal giving her a letter.

This happens to me all the time I think everything is going to be a lot worse that it actually is. So next time that you start to think that all these terrible things are going to happen, Stop, watch the clip and then try and rationalise your thoughts.

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Real quick I know it’s been a while I have been away and life has got in the way but I’m back and I think I’ll update every other week but if I can once every other week. I’d rather under-promise and over-deliver.

Thanks for reading, Worry warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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