White lies are ok ?!

As you may have already guessed by the title today I’m going to talk lying. As a kid you are always told that ‘honesty is the best policy’ and the story about the boy who cried wolf. When you have anxiety that rule kind of goes out the window. I’m not saying that you should make up silly lies to benefit you I mean that if it helps you to calm down then tell a little porkie pie (does anyone here like them – I don’t the jelly puts me off).

I have had to use this technique a few times when I feel super anxious and NEED to get out of the situation. It also helps me feel like some things are more manageable if I have an escape route.

If you ever get in a situation and you need to get out of them here are a few made up white lies:

  • My parents want me home to help with ….
  • Oh I completely forgot I booked a doctors appointment for …
  • I’m really sorry I don’t feel well I’m going to have to go home
  • I just need to pop home I’m expecting a parcel to be delivered.

White lies are a great technique to get yourself out of a situation and you can also plan them ahead. e.g if you are worried about going somewhere and you are anxious you can calm yourself down by saying, ok if I get there and I hate then I will just tell them ….

However, ONLY use them in an EMERGENCY if you are super anxious for a number of reasons

  1. People won’t believe you if you overuse them
  2. You might use the white lies as an excuse to get out of something
  3. People will get worried about the amount of money you are spending on amazon

Ok the last one was a joke but you get what mean right?

I hope this helped guys. Sorry I haven’t been very active just personal bits have got in the way but I think this afternoon I’m gonna bulk write them and schedule them for you guys. Anyway make sure you like this post and be sure to check out all my other ones if you are new here and hit that follow button to become a Worry Warrior.

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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