Going back to school 2

It’s nearly my first day back at school – I’m dreading it!

However I have devised a few things to help me take my mind off of it / help make it a bit easier.

  1. Going to bed at 7:30 . When I say this I mean go up to bed and chill out not go to sleep.
  2. Have a bath before bed. I’m going to have a bath just so I can relax a bit because I know I’ll be stressing out.
  3. Keeping myself busy/ distraction. This is a technique that works wonders for me so I’ll probably work on doing some nice blogging things.
  4. Chocolate. I think this will help and will be really nice to because it gives off some kind of feel good hormone – I think.
  5. Ear seeds – I haven’t worn these for a while but I think I might try these again I do need to find them first though.
  6. Sleep – I don’t know how much I will get but the more the better !
  7. And on the day I know I will be seeing my counsellor .

I hop this helped you guys and that you are finding going back to school a tad easier than me and I promise in the end it will be fine! Even though I can’t get my head round that yet I know in my heart that it will be. Thanks for reading guys I hope you enjoyed it and that you will like and share and do all those lovely things.

Thanks for reading , Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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