Staying positive

When things are a bit difficult it’s often hard to stay positive and look forward to things. As you know I just went back to school and that was hard so I have been making a list of all the positive things that are happening at the moment and all the positive things that are coming soon.

Instead of just making a list I like to countdown to those things so on my phone I have the dream days app which lets you countdown to things and if you select the right seeing it will appear in your notification menu at the top.

So for example the sort of things I count down to are:

  1. my holiday to disney
  2. next time I have time off school
  3. going out with friends
  4. christmas
  5. seeing family that live far away

These are all some of the things that it took just moments for me to think of so I’m sure that you could easily do the same and then you’d realise how much positivity is in/going to be in your life.

Hope you enjoyed todays post don’t forget to do all the lovely stuff you do!

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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