The town experience

I talked about this a while ago on THIS POST. Basically one day I went into town with my friends and this was an especially good day to blog about because I used A LOT of techniques to calm myself down.

Just quickly I’m going to tell you the plan of the day so that you are all filled in and understand what I’m going on about. We had planned to meet in town and go shopping them back to mine and then go to my friends.

I was worried about this day for a number of reasons really. Firstly my parents weren’t at home so I couldn’t talk to them as I nipped out the door for last minute support and I knew they were more than 2 mins down the road – I wasn’t completely on my own because my grandparents live pretty close but it’s not really the same , I was also worried because 2 of the three people don’t know I have anxiety so I feel slightly awkward around them and just not as comfortable as I am with some of my other friends and I was also really anxious about going round to my friends house after we had gone to mine.

  1. The first thing I used was distraction. As soon as we had planned that we were going out I was worrying straight away. I tried to distract myself by not really thinking about it or just thinking about the positives. That’s really the only thing I could use until it actually happened
  2. When it got to the day I was really stressing out. For a while now I have used this picture often I forget about it but I find it really helpful. I found a website with this little poem thing on it and I got one of those apps where you write something and turn it into a picture. I made it and that’s my only favorite picture – just so I can find it really easily. I actually wrote it on this blog if you want to read it too click HERE. I find it soooo helpful.
  3. When we were out I just used distraction mainly, looking for presents and checking out the colour of people’s shoes so my focus was shifted from my anxiety.
  4. After we had been in town we went back to my house I thought this would be less anxiety provoking but weirdly I found myself more anxious. I know it sounds bad but I couldn’t wait for people to leave -that’s how anxious I was.
  5. I suddenly remembered that I had to go to my friends house after. I told a few white lies because I was just so anxious ( you can read more about white lies HERE)

In the end I didn’t go to my friends house and I kind of regret it but at the same time I’m so glad I didn’t go because although I don’t know for 100% and I shouldn’t think that something will end badly I have a pretty good feeling I would have got SO anxious I would have had to leave very soon and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. I’m sure as I pracise it more that I will feel more comfortable and I WILL keep trying!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helped you. Speak soon.

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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