I think a large part of anxiety is reflecting – really thinking about the positives of conquering something and if there were any bad points what positives can come from it. Today I’m going to reflect on a few scenarios that have happened in the past and learn from them.

The science situation:

 So I think I spoke about this a few weeks ago but basically I had a terrifying science experience you can read about it here and I was put off going for about 2 weeks . Now there aren’t really many  positives here but if you chip away a bit harder you find the gold (the positives). I’m just going to bullet point them for ease:

  • I learnt more about the human body
  • I learnt that if something bad goes wrong hospitals can deal with it very well
  • That the mentors at my school DO understand
  • My science teacher isn’t too horrible
  • That leaving a stressful situation isn’t terrible as long as you tried
  • Leaving is one of my distraction techniques
  • I got stronger from the experience

I also think that if I had that experience again sure I would freak out and get really anxious but I wouldn’t be 100% as anxious maybe only 99%.

The day out situation:

I might do a separate post about this one because I used a lot of techniques and I felt super anxious that day so watch this space but I’ll try and pluck out a few reflection bits. So to explain basically I went out with my friends to town and then we also went back to my house but the whole day I was super nervous.

  • I saw my friends
  • I got some nice presents for my mum
  • I got to go in the nice shops I like
  • Nothing bad happened
  • I got stronger from the experience

This day didn’t have a lot of positives but you can always pick out a few positive things.

So there were just a few experiences that have helped me become a stronger person. I feel that reflection is a really important thing to do so you can become more confident and realise how far you have come. If you feel like you want to comment one experience that has helped you I’d love to hear about it. I don’t feel I say it enough but thank you guys so much for your continued support it really makes me happy 🙂

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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