10 things to remember

When a panic attack starts sensible thinking stops. However panic will go if allowed to. Following these notes may not be easy but over time, will let the panic go easily.

1) Remember that panic feelings are only a normal reaction when you feel somethings too much

2) Remind yourself that the feelings cannot hurt you and nothing will happen.

3) Notice what is happening in your body now. Stay with the current moment. Calm down, take a deep breath and keep going

4) Thinking about what might happen isn’t going to help. Concentrate on the present moment.

5) Accept the feelings. Let them run through you and they will go quicker.

6) Monitor your level of anxiety give it a rating 10 the worst and 0 the best. You will see the level slowly go down

7) Stay in the situation. It will only get harder later on if you avoid it or leave.

8) Do your favourite breathing technique.

9) Relax your tense muscles.

10) Now continue with what you were doing

Hope this helped. Please share with your friends so they can be helped also feel free to check out the rest of the site it would make me 🙂

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