It can be achievable

Firstly sorry it’s a day late. But I want to talk about yesterday and how I kind of shocked myself. 

Yesterday I had to face my fears and go to a christening and an 80th family birthday party. It wasn’t easy that’s for sure but I did it and I’m gonna tell u how I did it this may not work for everyone but hopefully it will give you some ideas.

The christening 

That was my main worry I mainly used distraction as that works best for me. I took it slow and mainly ended up watching YouTube and the shaytards most of the time. Towards the begging in grand the end it was hard but then slowly got easier over time.

The party

I kind of felt so good after the christening I forgot my worries don’t get me wrong I was still nervous but not as much. I had a couple of wobbles but then I distracted myself and it was all ok.

Thanks for reading hope this helped these achievements will be up on the achievements page and feel free for you to comment yours as well it not just for me-lol. 

Win The Worry Wars


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