Something that we all need to understand

We all have some anxiety – it’s normal. If you on’t know why we have it it’s basically from the cave man days when we saw a lion we would sense fear and then run away, fight or flight. But whoever we are we all have anxiety but some have higher levels than others and chances are you reading this have an increased amount….

Anyways what I am going to talk about this week is the fact that we all need to get one thing clear:

Worrying will NEVER change the outcome!

We all do this and recently it has been happening a lot with some stupid thing I got dragged into at school. So what happened was something of hers got taken and because she hates me she then decided to get me in a heap of trouble at school with all my teachers. Accusing me that I did it when I didn’t

I went home and literally worried the whole evening that I was going to get into trouble. I had nothing to worry for but still I managed to convince myself I’d get in all this trouble. So I sat on my bed just thinking and worrying – mainly just worrying when suddenly I thought what’s the point on wasting my evening on something that I didn’t even do. Although obviously I was never going to tell that I had done this, she probably just wanted me to go home and feel rubbish sooooo I made myself distracted and didn’t waste anymore of my time on this because although it is hard worrying about it will only make it worse- I might do a whole post on this thing that has just happened because a lot of worrying went into that!

Anyway, this post was sort of a mixed bag but I hope you did enjoy it and remember to like comment and follow because that really helps me out and I will see you next week.

P.S Try and stay positive it turned out fine for me and I didn’t get into any trouble xx

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars


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