It’s OK not to be ready

Sometimes you do have to say no because you aren’t ready….

I have talked about this topic before but I want to talk about something particular today.

So in the Easter Holidays which feels like ages ago and I wish I was still enjoying doing what I want when I want, playing in the garden (coughs) I’m getting off topic here. Anyway, this Easter I really wanted to dip-dye/ombre my hair. I did it but I faced challenges.

  1. I knew I didn’t want it permanent as I had school in a while
  2. I was scared of allergic reactions
  3. I knew my parents weren’t allergic but it still scared me
  4. I always remember watching ‘Watchdog (a british programme)’ and them taking about the severe reactions
  5. I did have other options

In the end I was too scared to buy the temporary hair dye. I still wasn’t giving up though so I bought hair chalk in the end. I must say I have been enjoying the pinky-purple tips (lol).

The message here is a couple of things:

  1. There is a way around things
  2. You don’t have to jump in the deep end
  3. It’s not avoidance
  4. It’s still progress
  5. I suit pinky-purple ombre (off topic again…)

Thanks very much for reading and make sure you are following and are a Worry Warrior because that would be EPIC. Also maybe drop a cheeky like and a five star rating and I will see you soon 🙂

Thanks for reading Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars



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