Positive qualities & ANNOUNCEMENT

So I want to talk about positive qualities. I have lined up some questions for you to answer yourself. Now I know we were always taught to be modest and not think loads of yourself but for this exercise I need you to be honest. What most likely will happen is that you won’t give yourself enough credit for the amazing things you do, so if that happens give these questions to a friend or someone you know and trust and get them to answer them about you, you’ll be surprised about the nice things they say :).

What do you think is good about yourself, however big or small?

What good qualities do you have?

What things have you achieved, however big or small?

What challenges have you faced?

What skills do you have?

How do you make other people happy?

What is one good unique thing about you?

What are some qualities you glad not to have?

What is the best thing abut you?

What is one thing other people want that you have?

Thanks for reading, I really hope you enjoyed. Oh, wait I forgot the announcement. So from the 11-17 of May it is national Mental health week so as a challenge and a big thank you to you guys I thought I would TRY and upload a post everyday. Now don’t hold me to this but I will try my best and there will be at least double what I do every week (2). I will, like I said try my hardest but I can’t promise. Also this may be a perfect time to follow so you don’t miss when I upload 😉 and go and tell one friend right now about this blog, you never know they might have anxiety but too scared to tell anyone or they might not know it’s anxiety and then you would have helped. That could be the one way you help someone today. Anyway ….

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday,

Win The Worry Wars


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