So sorry I was pretty rubbish at uploading on Sunday I sort of had writers block (rrr)

Anyway so I want to talk about change it happens all the time. Trends change, numbers change and people change. I want to focus on the people changing part. I’m not going to talk about everyone else changing I’m going to talk about YOU changing.

I have a challenge for you by this Sunday I want you to change one thing. Maybe that’s something that you would have never done because you were to scared or maybe that’s something to make you feel happier. It could be huge or tiny I don’t mind but I want you to change one thing.

So for me I have changed what I do after school normally it was just aimlessly browsing the internet but now I do more exercise and more reading saying that I did only start today so you might want to press follow so you don’t miss whether I stick to it or not (a cheeky little prompt there šŸ˜‰ ).

Anyway whatever you do be sure to tell me either privately at or comment it on the my achievements page or down below. Ā Please like, comment, rate and follow it really helps me and if you have any suggestions put it on the you’re in charge page and I will see you next Sunday (hopefully lol)


Thanks for reading

WIn The Worry Wars


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