Overcoming anxiety is like a bikeride

Hi guys so I was going to put up the rest of my Disney trip but my Mum has the other laptop so I’ll put it up asap.

Overcoming anxiety is like a bike ride.

Yeah it is. It’s hard to learn how to control it.

Your younger and you get the bike (the anxiety) .

It takes you a while to figure out how high you need the seat and how to use the bell. (figuring out what your scared of).

You need stabilizers to start off with. (all the people giving you support most of the time)

You are wobbly (you learn the first couple of techniques)

You fall off (this is to represent all the days that you feel like giving up)

You get back up ( your determination reappears)

You can go short distances (you can do it most of the time)


Your riding miles and miles not even realising how far you have come and that is the last stage, the stage we all will reach if you just believe. I believe in you and you will get there. I bet you don’t even know how much stronger you are and how far you have come.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I love you guys you will get there I promise please like comment follow and share with your friends.


Thanks for reading

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