Surprise trip diaries #1

So the Friday just gone was quite a big deal I woke up and did the usual boring stuff. The day was ok and normal it was half term so my Grandparents have been looking after me it has been great. I am not too confident yet with going out with them because that’s hard even with my Mum and Dad but I do go on walks several times around the block with them which is an improvement from before. Anyway that’s not what I want to talk about today if you do want me to talk about the half term the leave a comment but it’s not something on planning on doing.

Anyway, as I am writing this it is actually Friday night, I’m in the back of the car and we have just got off of a ferry. So let’s start from the beginning shall we. My Dad came home with my Grandad and my Grandma had been looking after us all day. My Grandad took my dog I was confused and my Dad said see you in a couple of days. I was like what is happening, then my Dad was like we are going away for the weekend. I didn’t believe him because it is very much like him to joke about stuff like that. Anyway, (I feel like I am saying anyway a lot here) basically I am on the way to Disneyland Paris for the weekend.

Now this will give a lot of different people different levels of anxiety, type of anxiety and different things they are worried about. About a year and a half ago it would have been fully exited, a year ago exited but nervous, six months ago i would have said ‘I can’t’ but today I am mainly exited about going there it’s just the traveling. Right now I am on a really fast motorway and it is dark I can feel my muscles tensing and the nervous thoughts but I am writing this and being distracted. Back to what I was saying before, I’m nervous about the two boats and the driving, the thing I feel most safe about is the driving but that still does give me nerves as where I live it is very small roads and hardly and fast-moving traffic. So I’m not that used to it.

On the first boat that took about 40 mins there was a small bit of rocking which I was very cautious of and I cried a tiny bit but I didn’t really have a panic attack I just felt very scared of the bad possibilities. So I distracted myself with UNO and a new game I got for christmas called Dobble. After that experience i’m a bit worried about the next ferry but I’m just trying to get as exited as possible about Disney. After all that is my favourite place in the word. I can’t wait tonight we are going to a hotel near the boat and then early in the morning we will be getting the ferry.

It’s slightly annoying and reassuring ,at the same time, that I have done this at least seven or eight times before. I’m going to go now and I will update you guys in the morning.

Goodnight x


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