Turning the bad into good

So yesterday was very eventful in my house. It was nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It showed me a lot of lessons and made me very aware about others and their struggles.

Please if you see someone or something in need help it.

So my story today is that we rescued 2 stray/neglected dogs. A bit random I know, but this experience has helped me in more ways than one. Let’s just start from the beginning…

I woke up on Saturday morning and my Dad had said he’d found a poorly dog with no tag on the road so we took it inside and fed it as it looked hungry. My Dad and my sister then had to go to a party so left after about half an hour later. Me and my mum weren’t sure what to do so we posted onto the local Facebook lost and found forum. Loads of people go in touch and and said they were trying to get the dog rehomed and that they were being neglected  and had been lost about 12 times in the last month or so :(. My Mum managed to contact some people who were trying to get the dogs rehomed they said that it may have cancer. (thankfully we later found out she didn’t but unfortunately she does have a slight heart murmur.) We contacted the owner and they didn’t seem to care if we had her or not but she did have a friend so we have taken him on as well. So we offered to have them 🙂

We then went straight to the vets and we found out the little girl has quite a bad skin rash but is having medication for it so it should clear up soon. She is also underweight and very unloved. The vet had no more appointments for the boy but he hasn’t got anything majorly wrong with him he’s just unloved and underweight. But he is going tomorrow along with the girl for extra check-ups and and medicines.

Unfortunately we can’t look after them but luckily my grandparents are amazing with dogs and have great care and experience with them so they are taking them on. Don’t worry it won’t be the end of me seeing them I’ll pretty much see them all the time :).

We found out later that the previous owner was just using them to breed. He cared slightly for the boy but pretty much left the girl to almost slowly die :(. They only got about one scoopful of morrisons mixer dog food a day- if that. They are little westies the owner said they were about eight but we don’t really trust him. They had a small bed to share and that was it. The living conditions of the house was shocking I haven’t been round there but my Mum had to pick up the little boy and she didn’t know how a person could live in there let alone a dog.

Since they have been at our house we have fed them chicken and rice (the vet said to) they have had plenty of food and water a lot of love and care .The boy has had a bath but we have to wait for the vet to do an extra check up and find the right medicated shampoo for the girl before we can give her a bath. They have been out for walks and has had a lot of roaming space. They look so much better now than they did this morning and I’m sure there progress will improve rapidly.

Tomorrow they will go to their final home where they will be loved, care for and spoiled rotten ;). They couldn’t go to nicer and loving people my grandparents love dogs to pieces. They haven’t rushed this they have been looking out for two for ages and these have come around at just the right time. I will see them very regularly (probably every day). I will let you guys know how they are doing if you would like.

This has taught me things I never thought I’d know. Please if you see a dog on the street please call the number on the tag if they have one, give them some food and water and make sure the home is a good home if you think it’s really unsuitable please call a local animal shelter because if you don’t make that one small phone call at least one beautiful animal could die. We caught these 2 just in time or I don’t really want to think what would have happened if we hadn’t.

Please help others.

Today we turned 2 poor neglected dogs into 2 loved and cared for healthy dogs.

I’d just like to say that this was quite a scary thing to do but I have enjoyed It and I hope all the dogs and cats will one day find suitable homes and all people will as well.


Thanks for reading

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