The Festival

In the first week of the summer holiday i and to take an absolutely massive step that I wasn’t looking forward to I’m not going to lie it wasn’t too good but it was a learning experience and if i hadn’t of done that I may not have been as strong as I am today.

Day One

This day was mainly spent travelling and we also met up with our cousins and set up the tent.We had dinner and everything was alright because the festival hadn’t really begun.

Day two and three

Day two was alright but it kid of went downhill from there. On Day three I just wanted to go home but I knew I had at least until day Five until I could go home

Day Four

I wanted nothing else but to go home on that day we were not sure wether we were going to stay until the end of day five. We were going to call my councillor but it was a Sunday so we knew she wasn’t going to be in.

Day Five

We came to the decision that we were going to leave at lunch time today which I was glad about and my cousins stayed until the end.

All in all it wasn’t very nice but I am stronger than I was before. I think if I do it again next year I will be worried and nervous but I would probably handle it a bit better and keep improving each time. I was also never a great fan of festivals because of the beat and all the people, so I wouldn’t say I was that bad because even if I had’t got anxieties I wouldn’t be super exited. The days when it was good I did enjoy myself but the lows were really quite low :(.

I hope you like this style and hope to be doing more of personal experiences with a huge Disney special coming up with great detail and will probably take me five or so posts, anyway I hope you liked it see you next time.

Win The  Worry Wars


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