The summer holidays.

Now I was incredibly nervous about the summer holidays as I was spending it with my grandparents at my house from 8am until 3pm. I’m going to talk about my feelings and thoughts in three posts as six weeks in one is quite a lot so one third will be this week and the next will be next week and so on.

Week One

I was incredibly nervous but i only had to spend three days with my grandparents as my Mum was off the others. My sister had her party on the first day and that was quite scary as most of her friends have quite severe allergies and they were eating at our house but it wasn’t too bad. On the days when my grandparents were here I spent pretty much all my time in my room with my lunch and snack being eaten in my room. It sounds very OTT but when you felt like I did it was really necessary. The rest of that week was pretty much like that.

Week Two

We started the week by going to a festival that was last weeks blog post just use the search bar and type in ‘The Festival’ and it will come up with the story of the start of my week. The rest of the time was mainly with my parents so I wasn’t worried about that but after this week the small break of parents I had was over.

I hope you will enjoy this little mini series and like the category.

Win The Worry Wars


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