After school update and important announcement

So a few weeks ago I did a post called change and It went down pretty well and I said I would update you guys on what happened so firstly I must admit I have been pretty terrible with the reading part and I have only read like half a book but anyway ….

The exercise was going good but I found an app called Pumpup It’s great and have been using it often.

I also want to talk bout P.E that has changed slightly in the respect I’m finding it easier. Obviously I still get myself in a muddle and worry about it a lot but no as much now as I used to and when I do it I enjoy it more and especially about half an hour after I have done it I feel really good and also really proud that I have done it. That’s just another thing to add to my list of successes – Yey!

The important announcement is Win The Worry Wars posts will now be uploaded on a Monday instead of a Sunday as it just fits in with my schedule a bit better. I hope thats Ok!

Let me know down below one thing you want to change and one thing you have changed an tell all the other Worry Warriors about it I’m sure they’d love to know – I know I would. Don’t forget to like,rate and become a Worry Warrior if you haven’t already and I will see you guys soon,

Thanks for reading,

Win The Worry Wars


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