The Summer Holidays. Part 2

So I want to say that this is the last part as the last for weeks of the holidays were pretty much the same with only a few small changes. Also, I’m concerned that this series is a bit boring so I’m going to speed it up a bit.

Week Three and four

I was downstairs most of the time but spending at least two or three hours upstairs everyday and also texting my parents quite a lot when they left for work in the mornings. I’m not going to lie it was still really hard and I didn’t like it but I knew I had to do it.

Week Five and Six

These were the best two weeks I was downstairs baking with them and on week six even eating with them a little bit. My feelings were a lot less panicky and were more relaxed and i found that the end of the day came around in no time. The only thing I was mainly worrying about was going back to school at the end. I may also do a blog post about going back to school.

I’m sorry todays post wasn’t that good I didn’t really want to write todays post about this but I promised you guys and I don’t also want to start something and not finish it. So I hope you guys enjoyed the post please rate, comment, follow and check out the rest of the posts and I will see you guys next week.

Win The Worry Wars


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