Act happy and you will be happy

Sometimes you’re not feeling great and aren’t happy. To feel better all you have to do is put on a smile and your mood will be a lot better – believe me its very hard to be grumpy when you have a big grin on your face. Also i notice that when I’m happy my friends joke about a lot more but when I’m a bit sad or am not smiling they aren’t as jokey. It’s always a lot better when everyone is :).

I’m not saying that you just have to act and not display your emotions or keep them all locked up inside. I’m just saying that when you smile you will feel better and everyone else around you will feel happier too. Think of it as if someone yawns then that makes the next person yawn. Thats exactly the same just with smiles.

So next time you feel down I dare you to smile and see how much that cheers you up and then email me at and tell me how much better that made you feel on a scale of one to ten one being didnt make me feel better to ten being it made you do from sad to super happy.

Thanks for reading and i hope that made you feel better. Lets see how many of you can email me doing the dare.


Win The Worry Wars



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