Look after yourself!

A balanced diet and enough sleep is vital to performing your best and that is super important when it comes to anxiety.


Make sure you get at least 8-10 hours a night, it may seem a lot but when you get into the routine you will feel so much better. Quality of sleep is also important make sure you’re in a dark room, at the right temperature and is also free from noisy distractions. I must say at the peak of summer it can be difficult to sleep but why not invest in some black-out blinds or some dark coloured curtains.


There is a lot of scientific evidence to support that what you eat can affect your mood. Here is a website with some helpful informationhttp://www.anxietynomore.co.uk/food_and_anxiety.html. I must say that although i agree with most of the things on the list don’t completely avoid the things that they say are bad because that will lead you to an unbalanced diet. You want to eat everything in a good proportion. A few things to definitely stay away from are energy drinks and coffee. If you like coffee then try decaf or something with less caffeine. Also bananas can make a huge difference to to your mood and help you start the day on a positive note.


Now I’m definitely not the one to be telling you to do loads of exercise but I do believe that its important and once you get going you can actually feel better for it. I do the two hours a week of pe and at least and hour of cycling at the weekends. I think as long as you like the sport and you do a little bit of it every week then you don’t need to do five or six hours a day. Just do it in  moderation like the diet.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helped please share and help stop the world worrying 🙂


Win The Worry Wars



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