What is a panic attack? My Fears and Worries.

This is the first in hopefully a sort of series and I will start off with my personal fears and worries, as this website wouldn’t exist if they hadn’t of happened.

My personal fear was health ,after being in a worrying situation and being the only one in the room at the time, luckily I went to get someone straight away and that person was fine in the end but the memory is still in my mind.

I was very , and still have the fears but they are going now, scared of the whole health aspect of life. It started off with ‘chest pains’ which weren’t they were just a panic symptom, but I was scared I was going to have a heart attack and the media doesn’t help with constant stories about it almost everyday. I went to see my GP and she explained to me that I’d have to be at least 30 to be the youngest person ever to have one. After that I haven’t really had the ‘chest pains’ since then. I’m still a little on edge about it but not so much about the pains.

Second of all, was my fear of not being able to breathe. I was nervous about that for a while but not really bad t would come and go. Now its just a really small thought in the back of my mind that only really pops up in burst occasionally.

Third was probably my fear of having a bad allergic reaction. I have never had a reaction but just the ‘what if?’ scared me. I’m still a bit scared and am getting better but I find eating food from restaurants and anywhere where someone who I know hasn’t prepared the food scares me.

I think that my fourth panic was ‘what if I choke?’. Admittedly this is probably the one I’m still most scared about. Like all of them I’m getting better and am conquering them slowly.

I don’t think all of them are going to completely go away but they won’t ever be a significant as they were when the first started cropping up. I will update you if I remember any more and will tell you if get any more. Don’t forget to email me at wintheworrywars@gmail.com leave a comment in the section below. Check out the you’re in charge bit vote on the poll below and look at all the other pages and please follow me and like and rate the posts. I love the feeling of helping people and I also like hearing from you guys.

Thanks for reading, speak to you soon.

Win the worry wars


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