Think rationally

One of the most annoying things when you are panicking is someone going ‘For goodness sake that’s not going to happen just think rationally!’. It’s annoying but annoying true. We build things in our heads up into a massive storm when really it’s beautifully sunny outside. Because I have had anxiety for a few years now I have been developing thoughts, techniques and strategies to really kick my anxiety in the butt. Now that I am doing a lot more of it for myself I have found that rational thinking really helps me to order my thoughts and fight the negative, made-up thoughts that I have been believing with the plain and simple, black and white, hard facts.

The other day I was getting really worried that I had’t eaten enough fruit and got enough vitamins even though I had. When I look back now I think ugh come on why there you really that worried? But at the time that was a big deal for me. I conquered it by using the plain hard facts and listing them in my head. Sometimes I’ll actually write them down so that I can physically see it written in front of me. Kind of like a pros and cons list but fact and fiction.


  • I had eaten 3 pieces of fruit that day ( still a bit low but enough to survive )
  • I had eaten other things that were high in nutrients.
  • Other people don’t even eat 1 piece a day.


  • I’m going to faint beach of it.
  • I’m going to be unwell because of it.
  • I have eaten no where near enough fruit.
  • I have eaten no fruit.

You can see how easily the mind can trick you and how if we believe the fiction then we will inevitably panic and get worried. If we separate the fact from the fiction then we can see that actually ALL of that worry was made up and based upon nothing.

I hope this helped if it did remember to give it a like. Next time you are worrying try and think rationally – it will seriously help you order and sort through your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars.