5 ways to deal with travel anxiety

It’s no secret that I am a keen traveller and I love my holidays but I still get anxious when I travel. Something about moving without control makes me feel unsettled. The no control aspect is probably the reason why I get anxious, I often wonder if it was me driving would I feel any better. Anyway, I’m drifting away from the point now. Here’s my rundown on how to deal with anxiety whilst travelling.

Obviously these are going to depend on what mode of transport you’re using and there are other variables like whether it’s public or private transport and who you’re going with.

1. Find your optimum place/seat.

This can take practise on finding out what you do and don’t like but once you know all of this you can make yourself feel so much more comfortable. For me I prefer a window seat so I can see what’s going on and I’m not completely clueless as to where I am. I think it helps with the control thing. I also find being seated is a GREAT thing as I can calm down so much easier

2. Try and sit/stand with people you know. 

Being with people I trust, know and like instantly makes me feel calmer, more relaxed and talking is a great distraction

3. Bring a phone and other distractions.

I always have ,and hopefully always will ,travel with people I know and like but I know that some people this isn’t always possible and I’m sure there will be a day that I will have to face travelling alone.

So utilise your phone as much as you can. Call, Facetime, oovoo someone. Use it as a time to catch it up with old friends and most places now have wifi available.

Phones also have a wide range of apps that don’t require wifi that you can pre download to keep you entertained and more importantly distracting you. You can also buy tv shows and films on tablets and phones. Or you can be traditional and bring a book.

4. Bring comfy things.

This will be more appropriate for long haul flights or long boat rides compared to the London underground but none the less it’s still a tip. Blankets, over sized T-shirts etc will all make your surroundings feel a bit more normal and you might even be so comfy that you’ll fall asleep.

5. Make it fun.

Think of it as an excuse not to do anything but relax. On a plane you can use face masks to help you relax and help your complexion at the same time. You could even buy something that you have wanted for ages like a book or a blanket. Just find something to spice up the journey a little more.

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Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars.




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