A million doll hairs

So happy friday everyone!! It’s the end of the (working) week whoop whoop! Anyway, let’s get on with todays post.

A million doll hairs? Yes the title is ‘ A million doll hairs’ But why? Well, in hard times it is really important to keep a 🙂 on your face somehow. A million doll hairs comes from a joke me and my friend have where we made a spelling mistake and thought it was so funny we say it all the time now. So the point of today was to try and get  you to think to have a bit more fun. If you know someone that is having a hard time put a smile on their face. I promise you it will really help them – even if they don’t show it they will appreciate it, I promise.

So I have managed to make it to today! Hopefully I will speak to you tomorrow and in the comments below try and guess what a million doll hairs actually means. Remember to share this with all your friends, follow so you won’t miss if I upload tomorrow and like to share some love

Thanks for reading, Worry Warriors,

Win The Worry Wars.


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