Asking for help…

If you feel like the anxiety has got a bit much it might be worth asking for extra help. Obviously tell someone when you first notice the anxiety coming or if you are unsure about wether you have anxiety or not. As you may already know telling someone feels better than keeping it all to yourself.

There are many different organisations and charities that help all sorts of types of anxieties and through the sessions and before you may feel a bit worried but I promise after the sessions you will feel so much better.

So you may be thinking how do I get help. Well the way I went about it was first went to the doctors-that was really hard seeing as I am scared to go there. We talked and they referred me to a charity they only did six sessions which were good but then I felt I needed more. So now I’m signed up to an organisation that has unlimited amount of sessions. Also, the people at school think I needed some more sessions in the middle if finishing the charity and coming on to the organisation. So a lady comes in and we do it as a group of about eight of us. We have lots of sheets and most of them are up on this blog if you wanna check them out.

Thanks for reading remember to share this and help stop the world worrying.

Win The Worry Wars


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