Dealing with a panic attack-low self-esteem

First of all I have to start with an apology that I didn’t post on sunday but from now on I will try my hardest to keep it regular.I have another sheet for you today and as you may have guessed by the title it is about low self-esteem.

So what are your thoughts?

You may feel negative and self-critical. Like your stupid or not good enough.

Your emotions maybe angry, anxious, guilt or even shame.

You need to think differently.

So if your listening to the self critical voice in your head think is it fact or opinion.

You need to focus on the positive.

Dont compare and despair that’s when you look at the good in others and then criticize yourself.

What’s the bigger  picture? How would someone else see this? What would I think about someone else in this situation?

Doing things differently.

Act the person you want to be

Stand, walk and talk confidently.

Look after yourself and eat healthy

Reward yourself once in a while or after achieving a goal

Acknowledge your strengths

Thank others and show your appreciation

Help others


I hope todays blog post was useful to you and that you liked it please remember to share on social media. You make me so happy that you read my blog. Lets help stop the world worrying 🙂

Thanks for reading

Win The Worry Wars


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