Tips on how to stop worrying (pep talk cards)

I have made these out of my own head, I don’t know whether anyone else does this or not but I definitely find these useful. What I do is, and I know these are childish but they’re cheap and easyish to use, I buy the cool cardz refills (because the machine I find is rubbish )and I just insert the completed card onto the non sticky part, peel off the sticky protector and smooth it over. You can buy these at a lot of places this link goes to the refills at Argos .

On the cards I write at the top left hand corner, in red, ‘stop worrying!’ and then underneath a motto for something that I find useful or that a councillor has said to me the best one is probably ‘its a movie in your mind’. I’ll write a post about some of the phrases I use later. Then on the back I write something that I can do to distract myself and on the back of that particular card It says ‘discover a new song’. It just helps me get my mind off the worrying and I have at the moment about 9 all using the same layout with stop worrying in the corner, then a motto underneath and on the back a distraction.

I find they really help and are only small so I can take them anywhere. You may get some people asking what they are, depending on how obvious you are with them, I just tell them they are study cards, some facts or just some thing like playing cards you could tell them about what they are or not, you can tell them whatever you want to after all it’s up to you.

I really hope this has helped. You could tell us what you have put on yours to help me and others by putting it in the comments section below, or private email me at Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends on all the social networking sites you can think of. I will not share your story, your name or email address if you have sent me a message in private or emailed me – this site is all about being anonymous if you wish it to be and discussing things with out the normal pressures. Dont forget to have your say by clicking the You’re in charge button at the side if you’re on a laptop or PC or at the top if you are on a mobile device and filling out the really easy form.

Hope I’ve helped

Win the worry wars


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